Welcome to La Villa Pizzeria

La Villa Pizzeria proudly serves delicious food to the greater Washington community.



Mike N.
Best pizza in the USA. It never disappoints! You must try this amazing place. It is small but amazing.
Alvarez J.
I had heard great things about this place and I was was sad to hear that the place got burned and had to shutdown for maybe a couple of years? Love their...
Emily Naden
So good! Ordered 7 pizzas online directly from the shop (no third party) for a birthday party and they arrived quick and hot! The pizza was great. Regular cheese, spicy chicken, chicken pesto, pepperoni and even a Hawaiian (I can't stand them but someone loved it). The spicy...
Fatima Clark
First time trying La Villa Pizza and the whole family loved it ! Very quick delivery and the Pizza taste so good ! Update : Our 5 or 6th order so far and it is the only place we order pizza and wings from ! The wings are so good 👍🏾Just love the food
Brianna Ingram
This was really good pizza. Clearly fresh ingredients, and pride and care went into it. I was happy. I ordered through Slice. As a fair warning, I think they use grubhub to deliver, so it took maybe 35 minutes to get to me after I got the Slice notification that it was on its...
Maria Quiles
I love this place. Do yourself a favor order ahead of when you need it, the demand is hive and they stay busy. Love their crust and cheese. Reminds me a little bit of the New York City slices but smaller. I recommend it.

Monday - Sunday
  • 11:00AM - 11:00PM